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Deadline: 10th March. 2024


Your Leadership, Amplified: Join the "Onboard Her" Revolution

According to AFDB, women account for only 14% of total board membership of the top companies in Africa.

This gender gap in corporate boardrooms is however more than a statistic, it’s a missed opportunity. An opportunity to embrace the talent, creativity, and leadership of women like you.

PAWEN is here to change this. “Onboard Her” is not just a program; it’s a promise.

We promise to equip you with the Competence, Confidence, and Connections to be “Board Ready.” To elevate your voice, your vision, and your impact. To pave a pathway that’s not just about filling seats but about you transforming boardrooms and the leadership landscape of organizations.

We are on a mission to redefine leadership. To champion a future where your wisdom, your insights, and your leadership shape the success of businesses worldwide.

​Ready to embark on this transformational journey?

Why Onboard Her?


We’ve designed a curriculum that emphasizes best industry practices and governance principles, offering the skills you need to succeed.


Through hands-on experience and training, we cultivate the confidence required to make critical decisions.


We foster an environment that encourages networking with industry veterans and peers, ensuring that participants build lasting relationships.

SheSuite Africa

Unlock Your Leadership Potential.

In today’s competitive corporate world, stepping up to leadership roles demands more than just expertise and experience. SheSuite Africa  is a leadership development program with several componencts such as diagnostic personality assessments, targeted training, mentorship, and networking opportunities,,designed to equip aspiring women leaders with the essential skills, for aithentic and effective leadership.

Program Components

Sharing, growing, and learning together, our cohort-based approach allows participants to learn from real-world scenarios and collective insights.

From financial oversight to risk management, our modules cover everything needed for a board-ready leader.

Every participant receives guidance from seasoned board members, allowing them to gain unique insights and strategic counsel.

With a 6-month placement on an advisory board, participants have the opportunity to put theory into practice, further honing their skills.

Our platform encourages dialogue and collaboration, letting participants share knowledge and foster a community of powerful women leaders.


Eligibility & Application

“Onboard Her” is designed to identify and empower women leaders who exhibit the potential and desire to make significant contributions in corporate boardrooms. The criteria for application are as follows:

Leadership Experience

Applicants must have a minimum of 10 years of leadership experience in their respective fields, with demonstrated abilities to inspire, manage, and strategize.

Educational Experience

A bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification is required, with a preference for those who possess advanced degrees or professional certifications related to business, management, or industry specialization.

Commitment to Growth

Candidates should exhibit a strong passion for continuous learning and professional development, showing a commitment to personal growth and leadership excellence.

Vision for Change

Applicants should articulate a clear vision of how they intend to leverage their skills and experiences to foster innovation, diversity, and inclusiveness in corporate governance.

Alignment with Program Values

A genuine alignment with PAWEN's mission and the core values of the "Onboard Her" program is vital. Candidates must show a commitment to promoting gender equity and diversity within their industry.

References and Recommendations

Selected participants will be required to submit professional references or recommendations that can vouch for the applicant's leadership capabilities, integrity, and suitability for the program.

Program Fee

Selected applicants will have to pay an introductory program fee of $185, payable in your respective local currency.


Board Readiness Webinar

This webinar, facilitated by a member of the Onboard Her Faculty – Mrs Oluwatobi Boshoro – A Business Leader with Board Experience across continents will provide you with all you need to know to kickstart your Board Journey and a glimpse of the practical learning to expect on the Onboard Her Program


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