About Us

Empowering African women to lead and succeed.

Pan African Women Empowerment Network (PAWEN) stands at the forefront of bridging gender inequality through education and empowerment. Our goal is to empower African women with the competence, confidence, and connections they need to succeed as career professionals and entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

A world where every African woman is inspired and empowered to maximize her potential.

We dream of a future where every African woman, regardless of her background, has the opportunity to succeed in business and career, contributing significantly to the prosperity and progress of the African continent and beyond. Our vision extends beyond individual success. It’s about creating an ecosystem of women who are crushing it and supporting other women too to succeed.

Our Mission

Creating a world where every African woman achieves her full potential.

Creating an ecosystem that equips African Women to lead and succeed in Business and Careers. Our mission revolves around three pivotal elements:


We believe in the power of education and practical skills. Through our innovative EdTech initiatives, we provide cutting-edge, collaborative learning programs tailored to enhance the professional competencies of African women. Our curriculum is designed to not only impart knowledge but also to equip our participants with practical skills that can be immediately applied in real-world scenarios


We believe in the power of Mentors, Coaches and Role Models. Confidence building is at the core of our approach. By nurturing self-belief and assurance in their abilities, we help African women to overcome barriers and stride confidently towards their goals. Our programs are designed to nurture a mindset of resilience, leadership, and excellence.


We believe in the power of networks as a significant bridge to success. At PAWEN, we understand that a robust network is the backbone of professional and entrepreneurial success. Our dedication to facilitating connections transcends borders, linking members with a diverse, global community of peers, mentors, coaches. These influential connections are not just contacts; they are catalysts for growth, opportunity, and leadership.

Together, these elements form the cornerstone of our mission to empower African women, paving the way for them to lead and succeed, thereby creating a ripple effect of positive change across the African continent and the world.

Our Strategic Initiatives

She Trades​

Our She Trades programs empower and equip aspiring and experienced WSMEs with the Competence, Confidence and Connections to succeed in business

She Leads

Our She Leads programs are designed to empower women with the Competence, Confidence and Connections to succeed to lead and navigate leadership labyrinths successfully.

She Invests

Our She Invests programs are financial education and financial inclusion programs designed to empower women to make informed investment decisions and secure their financial future.

PAWEN Awards

The PAWENpreneur Awards is a celebration of the spirit and success of entrepreneurial African women who have started and scaled their businesses.

Our Programs

Our programs provide an immersive learning experience to empower African women with the skills and strategies to lead and succeed as Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs. 

Our global faculty, which comprise over 70 business leaders drawn from across academia and business from Silicon Valley to Africa,  is the backbone of all our programs. They are passionately committed to empowering African women to thrive and include masterclass facilitators, mentors, coaches, and seasoned entrepreneurs, who bring a diverse wealth of knowledge and expertise to the programs.

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Mentoring and Coaching sessions

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