Aspiring Angel Investors Program

According to the AFDB, there is a staggering $42 billion funding gap faced by female entrepreneurs across Africa. This is not surprising as despite Africa’s global lead in female entrepreneurship, only 6.1% of ange investors on the continent are women. This stark imbalance not only stifles innovation but also limits the growth potential of countless ventures. PAWENM in partnership with Afriglocal VC—an internationally renowned, uUS-based, female-focused venture capital firm based in the US—aims to rewrite this narrative. Together, we’re embarking on a mission to empower women with the tools, knowledge, and networks necessary to thrive as investors and to catalyze a more inclusive, equitable startup ecosystem.

About the Program

The Aspiring Angel Investors Program (AAIP) is  a transformative  intensive course crafted to provide aspiring female angel investors with the education, skills, and network needed to make informed, impactful investment decisions. This program combines the expertise of seasoned investors with the dynamism of a supportive learning environment, ensuring each participant is equipped to contribute meaningfully to Africa’s startup ecosystem.

What Sets AAIP Apart?

Tailored for Women, by Women

Designed specifically to empower women in the investment field, AAIP addresses the unique challenges and opportunities female investors face, fostering an environment of support, empowerment, and success.

Comprehensive, Practical Curriculum

Beyond theoretical knowledge, our program emphasizes practical skills and real-world applications. From evaluating startups to structuring deals and managing investment portfolios, participants gain hands-on experience to make informed decisions.

Global Network of Peers and Mentors

Connect with a diverse and vibrant community of aspiring and experienced investors from around the world. This network not only provides support and mentorship but also opens doors to co-investment opportunities and collaborations.

Focus on Impact Investing

AAIP goes beyond financial returns, encouraging participants to explore investments that generate positive social and environmental impacts. This aligns with a growing global movement towards sustainable and responsible investing.

Direct Investment Opportunities

Our program bridges theory and practice by connecting participants with real investment opportunities. Engage with female entrepreneurs ready to pitch their businesses, providing a unique chance to apply your learning and potentially make your first investment.

Flexible, Online Delivery

Designed to accommodate the busy lives of our participants, the AAIP is delivered online, allowing women across the globe to join our mission of transforming the investment landscape in Africa.


Are you ready to take the leap?